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Viewing Trips Spain



Price 50 per person

What we provide

1/ Return flights to Spain from any viable UK airport. 

2/ Airport transfers at the Spanish end.

3/ Quality hotel for the duration of your stay. 

4/ All meals and drinks while out on the road. 

5/ A property consultant on a one to one basis for the duration of your trip.

Our Viewing Trip

Our viewing trip package is based on the individual. Every individual has his or her own criteria to fulfil when buying a new property. Whether this is the best location for a property in terms of rental/investment potential, relocation to Spain long-term, or simply a holiday home for friends and family.

To ensure that each individual's criteria are taken into account, each viewing trip is tailor made. Information is gathered prior to travel both with our property experts in the UK and with our questionnaire. The idea being that by the time you land in Spain your designated consultant will have a plan as to which properties and locations to cover during your trip. All clients will be provided with a consultant on a one to one basis for the duration of your stay, to ensure that every property you are taken to see suits the criteria requested.

Although the main emphasis of the trip will be to show you as many relevant properties as possible, we will also endeavour to show you as much about the general area and amenities as we can. It is often important when purchasing a new home to be made aware of what is immediately around it, whether this is just in terms of local amenities, points of interest, or simply what the atmosphere is like at different times of the day.

Conditions for travel

Although there is no pressure to purchase any property while on a viewing trip, we do ask that all applicants are at least interested in buying one and take some form of deposit necessary to secure a property should you see one that you like. The advised form of deposit in this situation is a banker's draught to the value of 2000, made payable to you. This way if you wish to put a deposit down on a property the banker's draught can be cashed in Spain, and if you do not for any reason you can pay it straight back into your bank account in the UK upon your return.

Planning your trip

Viewing trips run either from a Saturday - Tuesday, or from a Tuesday - Saturday. This format cannot be changed due to hotel booking schedule restrictions.

Times of the year to avoid are the month of August, and Christmas (17th December - 6th January). Most agents and constructors offices will be closed around this time.

Spanish Mortgages

Spanish Mortgages are available to all clients while on a viewing trip. All paperwork/applications can be actioned while on your trip. Please note most Spanish mortgage lenders limit borrowing to 65% of the total value of the property, meaning that to qualify for one you will in most cases have to have 35% cash to put down.

If you need to borrow in excess of 65% then most UK mortgage lenders will offer some sort of package for purchasing foreign property. The same kinds of restrictions are not usually imposed in the UK.


All legal issues involved in buying a property in Spain can be actioned while on your viewing trip. Costs in total are normally in the region of 3% of the total value of the property you are buying.


Property Viewing Trips - Viewing Trips Spain


Property Viewing Trips - Viewing Trips Spain