Calpe Fiestas, Fiestas in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain

Calpe Fiestas, Fiestas in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain

Calpe Festivals (Fiestas)

The Spanish are famous for their festivals (fiestas), and the town of Calpe has its fair share. There are many fiestas throughout the year, some larger than others. Most are a colourful and vibrant affair, lasting well into the evening and night; some last quite a few days.

Many of the festivals in Calpe correspond to particular periods in the town's history. Here we list some of the more popular (and typically the larger) fiestas to look out for:-


Calpe's festivities kick off with the arrival of the Carnival in February. Marching bands from all over Spain and Europe join together in the town.

March 19th is home to the feast of St. Joseph. Festivities start with a procession winding its way through the streets of the old town, followed by a giant paella in the town square.  At midnight effigies of wood and cardboard are burnt to celebrate the beginning of spring, toasted with customary sardines and sangria.

June 24th is host to a midsummer's festival, quickly followed on August 5th by the celebration of Calpe's patron saint La Virgen de las Nieves. There are processions, fireworks, and outdoor parties with lots of food and drink. 

On the 21st-24th October the people of Calpe celebrate their patron saint Santisimo Cristo del Sudor, and the Moros y Christianos (Muslims and Christians) fiesta at the same time. The Muslims and Christians fiesta commemorates the expulsion of the Moors from Calpe. It is said that Santisimo Cristo del Sudor helped protect the village as the Moors tried to enter. Therefore 2 battles are re-enacted along the beaches and in a mock castle. In addition many locals celebrate the festivity by way of donning often elaborate costumes and parading through the town streets. As usual there is plenty of food and drink to be had, and fireworks crown the event. 


Calpe Fiestas, Fiestas in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain


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